Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pill Popping Problem

I've always had a problem taking my pills. I remember my mom trying to put my vitamins in applesauce. I was too smart for that trick. I also remember her pinning me against the refrigerator, sitting on me, and practically shoving the pills down my throat. I have a...

When I was 15, I was away at camp and got sick. The camp nurse gave me some antibiotics that were the size of my thumb. Needless to say, I didn't take them. Camp ended and I was to spend the week at a friends house. Her mom probably wasn't too happy that she had a sick child on her hands; one that wasn't hers. Most likely, taking those horse pills would have decreased the amount of time I was sick by half. Which means, I would have enjoyed the time I spent at my friend's house.

Today, I have to take medication daily. I am also taking pre-natal vitamins because I am nursing. I should also take a B-complex every day - I feel so much better when I do. And since I'm over 30, I should be taking calcium daily as well.

So that is a total of four varieties of pills, amounting to nine individual pills a day. Doesn't seem like it would be that difficult, right? The only pills I manage to diligently take are the three little pills my doctor prescribes for my Crohn's disease. I usually take my pre-natal vitamins at the same time. Now if I could only remember to take my B at breakfast and my calcium at lunch, I will be all set.

Maybe my mom should come and sit on me.