Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good Days

I was praying this evening, telling God about my day. I told Him that today has been a good day; a busy day, but a good day. Then I realized, and hardly dared to think it aloud, that if I spent all my days as busy as I did today, then maybe I would feel as good about my days as I do today.

I am getting my house ready for a weekend boutique. That means a lot of cleaning and organizing and getting the gifts ready for display. In other words, I have been very busy today. But I wasn't frustrated or stressed out. I had a good day. I played Christmas music, burnt a vanilla candle that has scented the entire house and had a good time while I've been busy. And now I'm tired, but it is a good tired, like an I-have-accomplished-something tired. I had a very busy day and it was a great day.

So, the lightning bolt that hit my thoughts is this: maybe I won't be so bored and restless if I keep myself busy. There are so many things I can do around the house. I probably would have more time to set up for my boutique if I had been busy earlier in the week cleaning up the messy places. I don't like to be stressed and rushed about things. And yet, I procrastinate so that I am rushing around at the last minute being stressed. It's like adrenaline for me, in a sad, twisted sort of way.

But you know, today gave me an adrenaline rush too. And it was a much better rush than the last-minute-freaking-out rush. I should try this more often!