Monday, December 14, 2009

Tackling Mount Washmore

Laundry is something that needs to be done. I have tried many different ways to tackle Mount Washmore, as FlyLady calls it. I haven't yet found my groove.

My hubby likes to do all the laundry on one day. Just crank it out, one load after the other. FlyLady says to do one load every day, that way it's not overwhelming. I tend to do a load every day for a few days, then get really behind and do five loads in one day. Then because I have done five loads, we have clothing to wear and I don't do a load the next day, even though there is probably enough dirty laundry to do one. So a few days pass, then I do a load, and then the next day I do another, but then the next day I have to do three more loads because I'm out of long sleeve shirts. And so it goes.

I just need to figure out something. MAYBE, if I keep busy, I won't have this problem. If I do my JOB and keep my house running smoothly, we won't run out of clothes to do and I won't get frustrated with the huge piles of clothing mounded in the corner of our bedroom. So, to answer my unspoken question on how to do my laundry: I should do one load every day and that will be one of the things that keeps me busy.

In the meantime, I need to do a bunch of loads today to catch up from a week of no laundry. It's difficult to do laundry when you have company . . . not to mention Christmas!