Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Way is Paved With . . .

Why is it when I start my day with good intentions, they all fall to rot? As I was falling asleep last night I was determined to actually get up when my alarm went off so that I could get going on my day. I did get up when my alarm went off, but mostly because I was telling my son to go back to sleep. I decided to take my shower anyway, even though I knew my son would be complaining by the time I got out, which he was. I couldn't even get dressed without having to go in and tell him to lay down for a few more minutes. By 6:30, I had him downstairs feeding him.
Things have gone wrong all day long. I've been trying to get presents together to mail to my in-laws. I had to wrap my MIL's gifts so that she wouldn't see them. Try wrapping with a toddler wreaking havoc on the trimmings. I had one box almost wrapped and the paper tore. AAARRRGGG!!! I just slapped some more tape on the rip and finished wrapping.
Now I have a headache, my mouth hurts because of a zit that is making an appearance on my lip line, and I still haven't left the house. I have to also get ready to go out into the snow and cold. At least it's not as windy today as it was yesterday.
I did just now take the time to spend time with the Lord. But I still don't understand why my son has to wake up before I do on days when I really want him to sleep. He woke up at 7:30 on Saturday and I had to wake him up to get ready for church on Sunday. Today would have been the perfect day for him to sleep because I was planning on showering and then doing my devos before he was awake at 6:30. Not a chance.
So, Lord, I'm hoping that I can remedy this day. I've been annoyed with my son a lot and yelled at him too much. I've been too busy and annoyed to pay attention to him. Even now he is whining . . . again. I've got to go to the store today. Help me to remain calm and patient with him - and our cat. You wouldn't think a cat could be so bothersome, but she's been whining all day too!!

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