Monday, May 25, 2009

Amazing Mom Abilities

I love that God has given moms this incredible ability to hold up under stressful situations, like when your child is bleeding profusely all over himself and you. After the situation is under control, then you can fall apart - hopefully into an understanding person's arms.
Photo credit: Kelly Sauer

I have passed the test that every new mom dreads: the emergency room. It was not as bad as I anticipated. The nurses are all very understanding when there is a little child involved, and this particular hospital has special rooms for kids.

The doctor and nurses all said that my two-year old son was incredibly good during the entire two hours of waiting and the 20 minute stitching procedure. Of course he was crying, but he wasn't screaming or struggling.

Something else God has blessed moms with: the ability to comfort. While my son was laying down sobbing with fear and some pain, I started singing Jesus Loves Me. Amazingly, he immediately calmed down - I should have started singing right from the start. Something to note for the next trip to the emergency room.

Thankfully, the cut missed his eye by half an inch. I think I'll have some nightmares for a while about what could have been. I'm thankful that he wasn't hurt worse. However, we might be avoiding that particular play area for a while.

Oh, and the good part about that day? Just hours before the panic, we found out we were having a girl in October!

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