Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Yelling

I have managed not to yell at my kids today.
I managed to stay calm when my son put a blanket over his sister, which he has been told repeatedly not to do. I managed to stay calm as both of them were crying, she because he had scared him, he because I was mad at him.
I managed not to yell when Eldest was fooling around (after being told to stop) and spilled a full cup of milk on the floor. I managed to stay calm as I cleaned it up and he wouldn't stop asking me questions about what I was doing, showing me what I had missed, asking why the milk spilled.
The only time I did yell today was when he almost shut a drawer on his sister's fingers, and it was a scared reaction, not really a frustrated yell.
As I write this, Eldest is in a time out for disobedience again. Still, I didn't yell. It seems my calm demeanor is a little confusing to him, he doesn't know what to make of me. It certainly gets his attention, though, and he knows I mean business.
Lord, help me stay calm and steady in the face of trying situations. Now I have to go get my son and talk to him about the mercy he is going to receive in place of discipline for his disobedience that caused spilt milk.