Friday, November 26, 2010


As an adult, I often get sidetracked from what I am doing and forget to go back. I also get distracted easily and my attention wanders. Is it any wonder that little kids so easily forget what they are doing?
I am often frustrated at my son because he is taking his time about doing something. I remember watching a mom deal with her forgetful 4 year old. She reminded him gently what he was supposed to be doing and then said, as an aside, "The little ones get distracted so easily and forget. I have to remind them about their task so they can finish it."
It takes more patience on my part than I think I have. But I have to remember, it is not defiance from my son, it is just a trait of being three. I am trying to patiently and gently remind him of his task. Often, I find myself asking him, "Did you forget what you were doing? Do you need a reminder?" If I use this tactic, he usually says, "Oh yeah!" and goes on to continue his task.
It has taken me almost 30 minutes to write this because I have many distractions in my house. Not just kid distractions, but kitchen, laundry, bathroom and cleaning distractions. I however, am old enough to know that I need to finish my task. My job is to instill that knowledge into my children, and to do it gracefully.
Lord, help me to remember that my frustrations at my son are something I have control over. Help me remember that he is only three and that the forgetfulness is part of the territory. Help me to remember to be gracious to my son.