Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ministering to Women

I have always had a heart for ministering to women. As I have grown up, the women I want to work with have also matured, from at first pre-teens, then high school, then college students. Now, I would really like to help women who have a baby at home. I can empathize with them and offer support, even if just by giving them a meal.
A friend of mine was having a hard day with her newborn and 18 month old. I wished I could go over and help her out for an hour or so, but I didn't feel like I could add two little kids to the mix. My youngest was napping at the time as well. I wondered how I could be of help to other women in my same stage of life, if I was stuck at home?
While I was thinking about how I could help my friends more, I had an epiphany about my kids schooling. Weird, right? How does my kids' schooling (which is at least a year away) relate to my helping moms? I have been thinking and praying about whether to home school or not. It has not been foremost on my mind, but all of a sudden, I thought, if my children are in public school, I will have more time to minister to women.
I'm still not sure how my kids will be schooled. I am sure of this, though: I can minister to women in many ways. I don't have to be stuck at home with my children, I can involve them as well. I am still praying about ways I can help the women around me. Suggestions are always welcome.