Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sick Day

My kids are sick, and I am exhausted. For some reason, when little kids are sick, they wake up a lot at night, and then wake up at their normal time, or earlier. They seem to have as much energy as usual, while I, who lost about 4 hours of sleep, can't manage to keep up with them.
It is horrible when your children are sick enough that they can't go anywhere, but they feel fine and are running around like nothing is wrong with them (in the morning, that is). Eldest has asked me the last few days where we are going to go, and I have to answer, "No where." He really wants to go to a park or playgroup, but since he might have pneumonia, we are not going anywhere that is not absolutely necessary.
Evenings are the worst: the fevers go up, the energy goes down, the appetites disappear, and the whining gets worse. Trying to get dinner going with two kids clinging to my legs, literally, is very frustrating.
I'm not looking forward to the rest of my day as exhausted as I am. At least tonight is pizza night!