Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finding Enjoyment in the Chaos

Today and yesterday have been rather chaotic with my kids.  It seemed that every 10 minutes one of them got hurt, had a meltdown, or was in time-out.  They were constantly whining or complaining or crying about some wrong done by the other sibling.  It seems the only words out of my mouth were those of some sort of correction:
Please don't eat anything off the floor.
Crayons are for coloring paper only.
Do NOT slam doors!
Give your sister her blanket back.
You may not hit your brother with the Wii remote.
Stop chasing the cat.
We send the kids to sit on the stairs when they misbehave.  This gives mom and dad a chance to 1) finish whatever we are doing and 2) cool off if need be before we go over to deliver whatever discipline is necessary;  it is also the time-out spot.  It seems this weekend the stairs have been occupied by little bottoms for a few hours.  Earlier this evening my daughter was sent to time-out immediately after she got out, and then right after she got out the second time, my son was sent to the stairs.
Both my husband and I were getting very frustrated with the kids.  How in the world are we to enjoy our kids when they are making our lives miserable?
It doesn't help that, at 34 weeks pregnant, I feel as if I can't breathe and I've a lump of bile constantly in my throat.  I've had a very nice pregnancy so far, but now I am at the point where I can't get comfortable, I can breathe, and I can't eat.  I have 33 more days until this baby comes (at the most), and I plan on enjoying every one of them.  This is the first time I've whined (sorry) about my pregnancy - any of my pregnancies, I think.  It has just been a very trying two days and I need to vent a little; some empathy wouldn't hurt either. :)
It is hard to find enjoyment in the little things when the little ones are so un-enjoyable at the moment.  However, if I concentrate on the hard times, I will never enjoy my kids.  I have to make a point of finding the little enjoyable moments and remember those.
Like earlier when my son was needing comfort for some un-seen hurt and he bumped his head into my stomach.  "Hey!" I said.  "Why is 3-Dot (the nick-name we've given unborn baby) hitting you?"  I had my son in giggles in seconds.
Or, when my daughter had her footie pajamas trailing behind her as she raced around saying, "I'm a superhero, flying around!"
Those are the moments I need to hang on to, the moments I want to remember.  The time passes by so quickly.  I can't dwell on the brief moments of insanity; I need to dwell on the eternal moments of enjoyment within the chaos of our lives.