Monday, July 9, 2012

Today's Blessing

One tired baby, needs to go to bed.
Two hungry children, waiting to be fed.
One mama rocking said baby to sleep,
One child yelling, Have you seen my Jeep?
A toddler on the toilet yells, Can you wipe me now?
Mama rocking baby silently wonders, How?
Setting screaming baby down she opens bathroom door
And tells the five-year-old to go and rock the baby more 
The two-year-old is taken care of, now it's the elder's turn
Mama also needs to go potty, for privacy she yearns.
Quickly setting granola bars out for the kids
She hopes the baby soon will close his sleepy lids.
Finally everyone is quiet, eating snack or taking rest,
And Mama finally takes a breath and realizes how she's bless'd.