Thursday, July 19, 2012


With the birth of my third child, I have really been pondering how I want our family to look.  What do I want to focus the eyes of my family on?  What traditions do I want to set up?  How do I want to make celebrations memorable?  How do I want to make Sundays special?  What values do I want to instill in my kids that will carry them through adulthood?  Businesses have a mission statement, a vision of where the company wants to be in five years.  I started thinking about how I want my family to look like in five, ten, twenty-five years. 
First off, I want the center of my family to be Jesus.  I want a family that is joyful and loving.  When someone walks into our house, I want them to feel like Jesus lives here.  And I want to incorporate Jesus into the traditions we keep.
I want the kids to look forward to those traditions every year and cherish them when they are older.  The first tradition we started is an Advent calendar that tells the Christmas story.  My mother- and sister-in-law made it for my eldest's first Christmas.  My husband had one growing up and remembers it fondly.  I want to build that fond memory for my kids.
Sundays in our house are fairly un-remarkable.  The only thing that makes Sunday different from any other day is that we go to church in the morning.  I want Sundays to be a day that is looked forward to with joy and excitement, and to be looked back on in fond remembrance.  When the kids are out of the house, I want them to remember the Sundays that we spent together and cherish those moments.
How will I make these traditions happen?  I'm not sure; I have a lot of thinking to do on the subject, which will probably happen as I type my thoughts out on this blog. :)
Do you have a vision for your family?  How have you accomplished it?