Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5-Minute Pedicure

As a mom, I often don't feel like I have the time or money to go out and get a pedicure, but I do like to have pretty toenails!  So, I've perfected the art of a very quick pedicure.  If you have five minutes to sit down, you can polish your toes!  But don't do this if you are just about to go out the door; do it before you shower.  Since I usually shower at night (the only time I'm able to with three kids!), it's easy for me to get the polish off my skin before anyone sees my toes.
Step 1) Trim and rough file nails.
Step 2) Using a quick dry nail polish (I like Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry), quickly paint nails with a thin coat of polish.  Do not worry about getting the polish on your skin.  It will look really messy at first, but trust me, it will look good when you are done!
Step 3) Let the polish dry.  If it is a quick dry polish, this should only take a minute.  Probably by the time you get the other foot done, the polish on the first foot will be dry.  If needed, apply a second coat.  I often take a break in-between coats to take care of a child.
Step 4) In the shower it is easy to peel the excess polish off your skin.  It will stay on your nails and not get smudged.  If the polish seems a little stubborn, gently use a soaped up pouff to scrub it off your skin.
And now you have beautifully polished toes!  Throughout the week, as I notice a chip in the polish, I will do a quick fix job.  Up close it doesn't look perfect, but the only people close enough to your toes to see will be your kids, and they won't care that it looks a little lumpy.
Happy polishing!