Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kid Activities

Your kids are driving you nuts because they are running around, screaming like banshees, taking toys from each other and screeching because a sibling looked at them.
Here's some ideas I've had that have worked wonders.
A long sheet of paper.  I've learned from experience that it needs to be taped to the floor.  We have an abundance of painters tape, so it's my go-to.  I bought a large roll of paper at Ikea for about $5.00, but I know there are other places you can get them.  Another idea with the roll is to trace the kids' bodies and let them decorate themselves.

Newspaper.  Just give it to your kids, they know what to do with it.

Again with the painters tape.  I made streets and city blocks.  The kids decorated the city with buildings.

  Balloons.  You can get large packs cheap at the dollar store.
Oh, and turning on some music they can dance around to is always fun.  In this pic, the kids are bopping balloons to Mary Poppins on Pandora.
Next time you're going nuts, hopefully one of these can give you some sanity.