Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Favorite Repeat: Remembering at Christmas

Another Christmas, and another shooting at a school.  Such tragedy during a time when we should be joyful is just another sad reminder that the world is sinful.  More than ever we need to share WHY Jesus was born in a manger - to deliver from hell those who accept his gift of salvation.

Originally published December 28, 2012

As we celebrate Jesus birth, we are also mourning the death of 20 precious children.  I am reminded that when Jesus was born, there was also mourning for children who had been killed mercilessly and needlessly.  Herod the Great was a man who was mentally ill.  He killed his own family members because he was so hopped up on power that he couldn't handle the thought that he might one day be usurped.  When a toddler seemed to be a threat to his throne, he had about 30 baby boys, all two years or younger, murdered.  Why?  What possible real threat from a baby was there?  None.  It was a seemingly senseless act of horror.  Yet, God allowed it to happen.

There is no knowing why God allowed the events in Newtown, CT.  What purpose could these murders have?  And what about the adults who sacrificed their lives to save the kids?  I have no answer to that. We live in a sinful world that is just going to get worse with time.  But I do know this: God is a just and loving God.  The hurt will never go away, but God can and does work through tragic events.  Just as he did 2,000 years ago.  A baby was born who would, as an adult, voluntarily sacrifice his own life to save the life of every person ever born; all you have to do is receive that gift.

I have this hope: that my sins have been forgiven by God and one day I will be in heaven.  I am sure those precious children are with God now and don't have to experience any more of the world's hurts.  And I pray that the Lord comes for his church soon.

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