Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exhaustion & Discipline

I am exhausted. Emotionally and spiritually exhausted. 

Today was a very trying day with my 20 month old son. I spent an hour trying to get him to obey. He spent an hour crying.

Tonight I went to a study on how to be a Godly mother (yeah, I needed that!). The study itself was very good, but it was afterwards that I got what I really needed. In speaking with one of the older ladies, I discovered that I probably went about this morning's incident the wrong way, which I already knew (by the way, it wasn't just this morning - it has been the past week). I thought that I was teaching my son obedience, which I am trying to do, but more importantly, at 20 months, I am teaching him discipline.

So, next time, will be different. I am not going to waste my emotions, or his, on a long drawn out teaching process. I will help him do what I've asked him to do, and be done with it. If he needs to be disciplined for disobedience, he will be, but it will be immediate and then it will be over.

I'm through being emotionally drained after a long "fight" with my son. I've realized that I was making more of the problem than was really there. Deal with the disobedience, physically help him obey, and move on.

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